Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time Flies

As the days get shorter it seems as though the time goes much faster. It has been over a week and I just posted another blog the other day...where does the time go? To keep my readers happy, I do try and have some updated pictures ready for you to view. I still have heard no definitive word on whether or not the Navy will choose to separate me from the military, and my hubby is anxiously awaiting interaction with the DeVry job placement woman. Whether or not Joel applies for jobs here in Chicago or Kansas City all depends on the news the Navy gives me; which I must say is not as easy as it sounds. "Hurry up and wait!" should be the Navy's motto rather than "Accelerate your life!". The only thing the Navy is accelerating is my inpatients in the whole matter. Now that I can no longer be wrapped up in myself, I have a family I need to consider, and the fact that the Navy doesn't care or take that into consideration can be extremely frustrating. At a drop of a dime they can tell me to pack my bags and be gone, then I'm left with throwing everything together probably living in a van down by the river! Enough of my sob story though.

The weather is now turning to fall and quickly following will be old man winter. When you step outside you can already see your breath in the air. This type of weather is one of my favorites because there is nothing better than some new sneakers, jeans, and your favorite hoodie sweatshirt! The only downfall is that it's time to retire my favorite flip flops and tanks. On the up side, I've never seen such prettier trees in the fall. All the yellows, reds, and oranges are so vibrant and beautiful. To celebrate the coming of fall we are going to attend the Wisconsin Fall State Fair, where they have camel rides, pony rides, pumpkin bowling, etc. We should at least take some nice pictures of the family! I'll be excited to share those once the weekend comes.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about fall. I absolutely love the smell of crisp autumn air. Even though I know all of nature is getting ready for their winter slumber, I am always thankful for their beautiful goodbye. The tree out front is in the early stages of changing from it's everyday green to a spectacular shade of red. It is stunning when it is fully dressed in it's fall gown. The older I get the more I appreciate these simple gifts that God gives us to enjoy. I always associate autumn with warmth, and that is why I have decorated our home with all the colors of autumn. Who says that natural means whites, creams, and browns??? Those must be the people that go through their days with their eyes half opened! Enjoy your weekend outing. It sounds like so much fun. Be sure and take lots of pictures of our cutest little pumpkin!!
I love all of you so...