Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Ooooo, did someone say food?! mamma's little man now babbles away at just about everything; whether it's his friends visiting him at his "crib", or Mr. Potato head, he always has the most interesting conversations with. I quietly listen and am amazed at how much my Samuel has learned in these few 4 and a half months. Sam is constantly showing his independence by protesting sitting in his swing for more than 15 minutes, or wanting to be held 24/7. If he is not rolling around the house or kicking his legs frantically (peddling his imaginary tri-cycle) then he is fast asleep in my protective embrace. I am overjoyed by watching him learn new things and act in different ways, but when it's time to rest I find a calming peace with my babe in my arms. All that was noisy and active is now dreaming about the heavens and the beauty that awaits us all. I look down on the top of that fuzzy, chick down, hair of his and kiss him lightly so that I don't disturb him. I listen to his steady breaths, and feel his soft skin against mine, and wonder if there could be anything better than the miracle I made. I want to try and capture each moment of his progressive childhood and store the memories where they are not to be forgotten. I never knew that growing up to become an adult could be so wonderful. Joel and I have really made a nice home, out of an apartment, and are doing great with what we have. I am truly thankful for such a loving, supportive husband, a little man that melts my heart daily, and of course a loving family back on the home front of Kansas. Without the guidance and discipline of my family, MY family would not be where it is now.


Anonymous said...

REading your words brought tears to my eyes. Aww.. my baby has discovered the incredible love,the incredible miracle that God let her have a part of. It is such an awe inspiring time. You and Joel and Samuel are such a cute family. You are doing so well, and we are so incredibly proud of you. Never forget that "you" didn't create that precious baby by yourself... and I don't mean Joel :0) Yes, he to had a part of it, but the true creator is our heavenly Father. How could anyone not believe in God when they are looking at the face of a baby??? All those things you think about Sam- well, I still think those things about you. Sure I can't hold you in my arms and rock you to sleep anymore, but that deep feeling of protector never goes away no matter how old your baby gets. I have to say that seeing these new pictures of Sam make my heart ache to see him and hold him. I can't bare the thought of him growing one day older without me being able to kiss him and tell him what joy he has brought into my life. I can't wait until you are out of the navy and can come home!!!!
Love you guys all so much!
Mom/gma :0)

Anonymous said...

amber we need more pics please! haha Sam is adorable! cant wait to see him again. hows everything going?

love you lots,

kathy L. =)