Sunday, October 29, 2006


JUMP. JUMP. JUMP-AROUND!! One of Sam's newest and most entertaining toys is his "JumperRoo." The boy can not get enough of it. Myself and Grandma L. thought that because Sam is wanting to move around so much, he is sure to love a jumping gig. It didn't take long at all before he was jumping as high as his JumperRoo would let him, and it conveniently has some added colorful toys on the sides and front so that he can be entertained for at least 30 minutes at a time. You can't beat watching his little face, and the excitement he has bouncing up and down. Soon following his jumping routine he is exhausted and is ready to snuggle with a ba-ba in his mouth.And this is how he falls asleep while I'm trying to burp him shortly there after.

We are excited that we can finally fit him into his winter clothes that people bought him when he was first born. This particular cute outfit is from cousin Sarah; equiped with fleece lined jeans to keep out the biting wind here in Chi-Town.Grandma K. sent up some cute Thanksgiving and Halloween atire that is in the wash at the moment, but Sam will be sporting some festive studs shortly.
Sammy's Bumbo comes in handy now that we are experimenting with some baby food, he only likes to sit in it long enough to eat and then he wants out of there in a hurry. OH, and what do you know there is some animation in a couple of these pictures. It was brought to my attention that our son always has a solomn expression on his face, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Sam is camera shy. Just seconds before I snap the shot he is full of giggles and grins spreading from ear to ear, however as soon as he sees that darn camera he goes completely blank! A little irritating, but I got a couple smiles out of him the other day.
Halloween is just 2 days away so stay tuned for some must see photos of Sammy the Lion...ROAR!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see him as a lion! These pictures are so cute. I am glad that we have the computer just so I can instantly see new pictures!