Monday, October 09, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Buns

Well folks, if that doesn't start off your week with a smile I don't know what will! Now that my little man has worked on his muscle development he pushes himself up with ease, resulting in some irresistible picture taking moments. There have been some signs of him wanting to sit up on his own, but unfortunately he pulls himself forward from our bodies then continues in a slow forward motion down to the floor. This is when he grunts for help back up.

This week we are heading to the doctor for his second series of shots; which hopefully will go as gracefully as the first time. Sammy is quite the tough little boy where he lets go of some puppy dog tears, then quickly stops once he is in the protection of Joel's arms or mine. Sad to say Sam hasn't had any doctor visits for the good. When he was just a few days old the pediatrician informed me that my little guy had jaundice. For the following 5 days he had to have his heel pricked many times to check the levels of billiruben in his blood. Absolutely heart wrenching for a new mother! Sam has the scars on his heels to this day to prove the unwanted abuse taken from the mean lab attendants. We just keep telling Sam that it is rough being a little guy, but as you get older the exams only become more invasive, so enjoy the pricking while that is all you have to do!

More to come in the next few days...


Anonymous said...

Sam will love you for pictures like these when he is older! He really looks so long, and not very chubby! Is he wearing all his baby fat off?

Anonymous said...

Freakin' CUTE!!!!

I think it is just cazy the difference between how the more medical model handles jondice vs. the way the midwifery model approaches it. Normy was quite jandiced his first week of life and all our midwife had us do was strip him down to his diaper and take him out into the sun for 10 minutes a couple times a day. It cleared up just fine.

Oh well! Good luck on the shots. I'm sure Sammy will pull thrugh. He looks like a trouper!!