Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Search Begins

Today is the day that my husband goes out for his first job interview. Joel is a bit nervous but knows that he'll do fine, and I couldn't be more sure of that myself. Lets face it, Joel is tall, handsome, has a sharp haircut, and is so good lookin' in that new suit; if that isn't business material I don't know what is! If the offers aren't pouring in after his interviews then the companies have no idea what they
are missing out on. His subject matter is going to be in finance, which I have no doubt that he'll succeed. The guy loves numbers! So my loving husband, go out and shock the world with what you have to offer, your cheering section is here waiting for you to return.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Joel you look so professional!
And handsome! Hope your interview went well. We love checking out your pics and seeing whats going on! Amber you'll have to show us some of those yoga moves when we see you! Maybe you can teach me some! Joel-you sucked your toes too! Love you all much!!! Mom & Dad K.

Anonymous said...

Joel, seeing how we've never met I'm not going to comment on how "handsome" you look, however; I do wish you the best of luck on your interviews. Having gone through that process not too long ago I can relate. I hated it. There is nothing worse than having to talk about yourself. Make sure Amber posts about how things went.


Anonymous said...

I knew that you would do well. You certainly looked sharp! Can you believe it? School is almost just a memory, instead of a daily routine! We have no doubt that you will be successful in your chosen profession! Do well so you can take care of us in style when we are old! :0)