Sunday, October 22, 2006

P is for Poop

About a week ago we went in for our 5 month check up, and told the doctor that Samuel had been having infrequent poopies. Knowing the story of what my parents did to me when I was little (if you don't know you should find out cuz it's halerious) I decided to ask the Pediatrician what was best to cure his discomfort at his age. Nurse Kent recommended any baby food that started in "P". I was extreamly excited to hear this news. I had been so eager to put some flavor into that boy's mouth instead of the all too bland formula. I could just see his face for the first time feeding him, and was hurrying to the store to pick him up some yummy prunes, peas, pears, and peaches. I decided to try the prunes first, thinking that if anything were to make this boy regular the fastest way to go would be the prunes.(not one of Sam's finest pictures, but this is his first baby food eating one, so no harsh judgements please)I was impressed with Sam's ability to swallow down his food without too much of a mess. Since then he has become an expert, and by the time I get the spoon out of his mouth to get some more he is already extreamly mad that I haven't shoved another spoon full back in. Sam has no problem downing an entire tub full of Gerber's baby food, with the new and improved rectangle container and snap lid, for infants first foods.

Sam weighed in at 15lbs 8oz, and was 26 1/2" long. In a matter of six weeks he had gained about two pounds and grew half an inch. Not to shabby, slowly but surely my little man will no longer be a string bean that he is now, or will he? The nurse told us that he was in the 90th percentile for heighth and about average for weight on the growth charts. When his tummy is nice and full mommy or daddy bounces him on the workout ball and sometimes he falls fast asleep without us even knowing it. Sweet dreams my precious one!

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Anonymous said...

Well well, it looks like our little man is starting to fill out a little. I think he did a pretty good job eating, for a first try. My, could his eyes be any bluer? Where did those come from? Are they from Grandpa or are they from the Kellen side? They are beautiful! Hopefully Sam's little sister or brother will inherit their father's gorgeous brown eyes!You really were blessed with such a good baby! He is so easy to please! Hugs and kisses to the sweetest little boy east of the Mississippi!