Friday, March 04, 2011

Let's Make Whoopie....

Pies, lets make whoopie pies that is. ;-) I came across this fabulous blog that had this recipe on it and I thought to myself, "self, those look like a scrumptious treat, you should make those" and so I did. Hy-Vee had all of their Duncan Hines cake mixes and such for $.86. I ran out and bought 4-5 boxes. I always like to have a cake mix on hand. Anyway, back to the whoopie pies.... I made this recipe better by making my secret frosting I found on another cooking blog- they recommended store bought and I wasn't going to entertain that option AT ALL! I'm going to tease you with photos first and then I'll share how to make them.

Any Day is a Good Day for Whoopie

Whoopie Pie Recipe 

1 box of Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie 
1/3 C vegetable oil
2 eggs
Half a bag of mini semi sweet chocolate chips

Stir all ingredients together. Now, this is going to take some elbow grease, it may seem like there isn't enough liquid, but with a little umph and determination it will work itself into a nice ball of chocolately heaven batter. I use my mini "ice cream scoop" to roll out the perfect size cookie ball. 

SIDE NOTE: If you do not own one of these mini "ice cream scoopers" I recommend you spend the $5 to go and get one. It will be your very best friend in all cooking baking matters.

I scooped these onto my airbake cookie sheets and baked them at 350 degrees for about 13 minutes. Take care to not overbake. Let cookie-brownie-cake batter pies to cool COMPLETELY before frosting and smooshing together. 

WHAA-LA! I give you Whoopie Pie. 

So, the same day I made whoopie, it just so happened the weather was more than beautiful. I opened up our sliding glass door and let the children run around silly on the deck. I love my new completely closed in deck!!! Caroline thought she was pretty hot stuff being able to play on the deck without the other kids (they were still napping). 

Taking advantage of Isaac's old bike while he's napping

She's trying to blow that leaf :-)

I love my big dog!

I couldn't get a picture of Gus Gus because he wouldn't hold still....

Happy Friday Ya'll!

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Anonymous said...

Those do look yummy! I love the picture of Caroline with her piggy tails. Reminds me of a picture I have of you! She sure is a doll!