Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Jewelry!

There are certain things that I make strictly for my jewelry shows to satisfy the needs of women or men that enjoy the instant gratification of "cash and grab" items. I've realized, however, that there is no reason that I shouldn't be putting these up for grabs on my Etsy shop until the art shows start up again. I am my own #1 fan and love each and every thing that I make, so I thought that I would let others see the things that they otherwise wouldn't, unless you live in my local area. First, I'll start off showing you these awesome antiqued copper necklaces. I've used my stash of antique looking images to make these necklace. Hope you enjoy the vintagey look on these as much as I do.

Vintage Copper Necklaces

I know Christmas is a L-O-N-G ways off but isn't he AWESOME?!?

Vintage Copper Rings 

And for those of you that love all things tiny....

The Newest in the Hand Stamped Sterling Dept. :-)

This sterling silver hand stamped oval bracelet is simple, soft, and subtle, a bracelet that will surely fit in perfectly with any type of outfit. Dress it up, dress it down, it looks fabulous either way. 

Simply stated: "Be still" hand stamped with my uppercase curly-cue font and my lowercase calligraphy font, with a simple white pearl hung to the side. Sterling silver oval measures 1.25" in length and 3/4" wide attached on a sterling silver rolo chain, spring form closure as clasp. Total length of bracelet is 7.25". 

Tweet Sounds of spring...

A variance in my "I love my soldier" necklace....
I LOVE when people come up with their own twist on current items in my shop, so refreshing!

I'm also starting to release some new rings to include vintage buttons that I've upcycled. 
Size 7 - $15
This is such an awesome combination of teal and black vintage buttons that I have upcycled into a new and improved - ONE OF A KIND - wire wrapped ring! Once this ring is sold, no other can be made- used from a stash of unique vintage buttons, I have no others that look like the one shown in this listing. Funky, vintage, retro, modern, all in one!

Black button measures slightly over an inch (slightly larger than a quarter), teal button 1/2" (size of a dime). I have wire wrapped these two vintage buttons with silver artistic wire that will NOT tarnish- size 7.

More items will be coming soon! If my munchkins allow, more will come sooner than later. :-) It snowed here yesterday and melted all in the same day....here's to a happy and weird start to spring!


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