Friday, March 18, 2011

T-Rexin' It

Last night we took the munchkins out for a surprise and boy was it cool! 

Sam is jumping for joy, Isaac and Caroline can't stop looking around....

Caroline is SOOO excited.... all the "see light"!

Some pictures of the inside. Sorry for the blurry ones, but you get the picture.

 See the dinosaurs upstairs too? Everything moved!

We sat right in front of this moving lava wall

Now that's a BIG octopus


Caroline recommends the pizza

Our AMAZINGLY awesome dessert, complete with dry ice magic!

What a great way to start off the weekend! We'll be enjoying sitting at home and watching March Madness and doing home improvement projects.... Life is grand!


Erin said...

That looks so fun Amber! Love your pictures. March Madness is all the rage around here too. :) That bunny you made is the cutest thing ever! I'm sure your little one will treasure it. VERY impressive!

Amber@Munchkin Land said...

Thanks for commenting Erin! Sometimes I think I'm blogging just to myself. ;-)