Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I'm sure every family has some sort of morning routine to start of their day.... I thought I would share mine with you.

My day normally begins at 6:00 a.m. (soon to be much earlier once daylight savings happens and it isn't so dark out at 5:30 a.m.) and I sneak out to the kitchen and choose one of three Green Mountain's finest individual vacuumed packed coffee cups. Right now I get to choose from German chocolate cake, cinnamon roll, or caramel vanilla cream. YUM! And of course I need to put my Cinnabun Coffee Mate coffee creamer in it- the best by far of ALL coffee creamers and usually only found at Wal-Mart. From the kitchen I mozy towards my couch and plop down. All is usually still quiet, no creatures stirring with the exception of my goldendoodle, Bailey, and I either start knitting an ongoing project or direct myself through the blogosphere to see what my favorite bloggers are up to.

If I'm incredible lucky my "quiet time" can last up to 30-40 minutes, but realistically, probably only about 20 minutes. Are your children demanding the moment their little eyelids shoot open? My sweet Isaac normally comes bobble-heading out of his room and sits on the couch next to me, shortly to follow his older brother Samuel, to which he immediately asks for cereal. Sam doesn't need a moment to himself when he wakes up. It is strictly: eyes open, get out of bed, "will you get me some cereal please", no nonsense, let's get down to business. Even my Caroline requests cereal the moment I walk in her room to greet her for the morning. I walk in her room, announce enthusiastically "gooooooood mooooorrrnning sweet guuurrlll" and I push back her drapes. Caroline looks at me with a grin and says, "Cee please" (cereal to those of you that don't speak Caroline).

So, here we are!

I mean, after all, even the heroic Buzz Lightyear and humble Sheriff Woody needs to start the morning off with a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries.....

Bailey, patiently waiting for someone to drop food

This was my view from my back window this morning, which makes getting up early to have some peace, completely worthwhile. I often feel closest to God at this time of the day. 
Complete Wonder!

Ignore the horribly ugly-back-of-the-other-house view. I hope we can put up a privacy fence sooner than later. 

On a knitting note (this takes me to a quiet state of peace place), now knit hat season is coming to an end, what more intrigued me was these little amigurumi toys. Remember the blue bird platypus a few posts ago? Ya. Well. I've gotten better. I made this reversible  ducky/bunny toy, and it just so happened my neighbor knew of someone that just had a baby and was in need of something homemade and unique. She asked if she could purchase it from me and to have initials embroidered on the front; now, I don't pretend to be a perfect embroiderer, but, because it didn't turn out "perfect" so to speak, I think it came out pretty dang cute. 

Thanks for visiting on this happy hump day!

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